Uniting Wesley Sensory Garden Project

Uniting Wesley’s Neurological Support Service offers residential facilities in the eastern suburbs for people with neurodegenerative disease or acquired brain injury. 
Many of these residents have Huntington’s disease, a genetic condition which significantly impacts a person’s physical and neurological functions. There is not yet a cure for Huntington’s disease.

Uniting Wesley Neurological Support Services works to provide holistic support for those with neurological diseases and injuries, ensuring that they are well supported and cared for, while also enjoying companionship and lifestyle activities. 

With the support of funding from the St Andrews Foundation, a purpose-built sensory garden was created to help promote textual enjoyment, relaxation and stimulation of the senses. A variety of shrubs, colourful flowers and cacti have been planted in the garden alongside the water features and outdoor ornaments to allow residents to enjoy the sensation of looking, smelling and touching all the different elements.  

The Uniting team have reflected on how the outdoor area has transformed into an ideal meeting spot for visiting family and friends during the warmer seasons, and for those who can’t venture out, they can now enjoy a special garden of their very own. 

Requested by John Evans. Trustee. May 2018